B2Rocketry The b2 Rocketry Company was founded in 1996 with the mission of providing world-class aerodynamic recovery products to the Aerospace, Military, and High-Power Rocketry community.
Sold exclusively through a limited number of professional dealerships, our offerings include the SkyAngle™ Classic, Classic II, and CERT-3 series of rocketry parachutes and related component products.

Geosinertec Project GEOsinertec was born from the need to support strategic choices in professional sailing races with a scientific approach.
Riccardo Ravagnan and Marco Penzo’s idea represents an innovation in regatta study and strategic elaboration, since it integrates weather analysis with a detailed local geological study.
With a deep knowledge of local features it is possible to perfect the weather forecast and have a complete view of the physical phenomena affecting regatta tactics, like currents, for example.
The synergy of geological and engineering specific knowledge gives the possibility to reach the interpretation detail which so far has often been overlooked in favour of mere experience.
Today GEOsinertec has become a project platform of GEOMATICS applied to Nautical Science and Professional Sailing. In our project team there are partners with different academic competences (remote sensing, geographic information systems, earth physics, geological sensing, geomorphology, digital modelling and elaboration, computer programming, electronic programming, atmosphere physics and meteorology, hydrography, graphic and urban planning).
The technical offer of Project GEOsinertec derives from partnerships with different companies operating synergically in the development of the project. Their role is fundamental in offering a wide range of high quality services.

POLΛR POLΛR stands on the on the forefront of high performance and high reliabilty IT solutions. Workstations and custom solutions that do really work, regardless of your job complexity.
We are committed to product and service quality in a class of itself, in fact we encourage our customers to compare us to leading brands before making a choice.
That is why Nimbus Project runs seamlessly on POLΛR hardware: the IT platform must work as a tool, everyday, in every weather.

Di Iorio Eugenio Di Iorio