According to the myth, Prometheus was the Titan who stole the holy flame from gods and gave it to mankind, enabling the progress of civilization. He was punished by Zeus and bound to a rock in Caucasus by Hephaestus for that deed. His liver was eaten by an eagle every day and it would grow back by night. However, Prometheus is also known for his intelligence and affinity with science and technology: Athena taught him math, astronomy and technical and medical arts.
From here comes the motto Flamma Scientiae (The fire of knowledge).
The Prometheus Program was born from a shared interest in rocket propulsion and aerospace engineering. The first aim is to create a flight-grade solid rocket motor totally designed and built from scratch. Moreover, the requirement is to lower as much as possible the manufacturing costs, while keeping the motor reusable.
Research activities on propellants have been carried out to increase safety and improve propellant properties.
Predictions on thrust, pressure, temperature etc. are based on self-written codes, coupled with commercial or opensource software. The intent is to match the theoretical results with the experimental ones; sometimes things don't match and the engineers have to work hard to find the solution.

Prometheus V4

Prometheus V5

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