The Mockups section is dedicated to preliminary tests made for better understanding of the subsystem behaviours. Design must be followed by testing before the construction of the final system or a system composed by different subsystems.

The following Mockups were constructed:

- Structure Mockup for flight load testing; Photo 1
- Bonding Mockup for testing the resistance of structural bonding sections; Photo 2
- Parachute bay Mockup for parachute deployment sequence testing; Photo 3
- Shock-cord for stitching test; Photo 4
- Fuselage Mockup for temperature verifications near the mechanical interfaces between rocket motor and fuselage. Photo 5

Each one of these Mockups represents a big step throuth the entire project.

1. Structure Mockup

2. Bonding Mockup

3. Parachute bay Mockup

4. Shock cord Mockup

5. Fuselage Mockup