PR-V6 PDM2 - 14/12/2013

A three grain test with one of them obtained through H2O mixing and evaporation process. Tests of this propellant showed incresed regression rate at atmospheric pressure. This test will be compared to PR-V6 PSM1.
We observed that the pressure was lower than of PSM1 but in line with previsions of theoretical model. No pressure increase was showed due to different producing process of the propellant.
The next test will be performed with combustion chamber at full load.


Acquisition frequency [Hz]: 2000
Channel: 2
Load cell offset [N]: +2
0 voltage Red PS [V]: 2.0776
0 voltage Green PS [V]: /
Propellant: P-1
Propellant mass [g]: 246.8
Mean density [g/cm^3]: 1.921
Ideal density ratio: 99.7 %
Grain number: 3
Spacing (between grains) [mm]: 5
Total grain length (without spacing) [mm]: 184.1
Port grain diameter [mm]: 15.98
External grain diameter [mm]: 33.82
Throat diameter [mm]: 10.5
Expansion Ratio Ae/At [/]: 10.5
Inhibition: External
Action time (ta) [s]: 1.736
Maximum thrust [N]: 180.3
Mean thrust (tb)[N]: 143.4
Mean pressure (tb)[bar]: 15.8
Total impulse [Ns]: 236.4
Specific impulse [s]: 96.4
Efficienza di Combustione [%]: 92.3
Efficienza dell ugello [%]: 84.2

Propellant: P-1
Grain mass [g]: 4.67
Grain length [mm]: 29.1
Port Diameter [mm]: 3
External Diameter [mm]: 11.7

Motor total mass before burn [g]: /
Motor total mass after burn [g]: /
Difference between before/after [g]: /

Environmental data:
Atmospheric pressure [mbar]: 1028
Air temperature [°C]: 0.8