PR-V4 PSM1 - 06/04/2008

The goal of that test was to verify the reliability of the V4 before the following BPDM (Banco Prova Dinamica Motore; Motor Dynamic Test Stand) tests. No problems arose. However, igniter's effectiveness was too low and had to be increased afterwards. Moreover, we thinked about changing the inhibitor material.

Propellant: P-1
Propellant Mass [g]: 227
Grain length [mm]: 197.2
Throat diameter [mm]: 8.5
Port grain diameter [mm]: 8
Mean density [g/cm^3]: 1.634
Kind of Inhibition: External, final terminated and intergrain.
Burn time [s]: 2.9
Mean pressure [bar]: 12.5
Mean thrust [N]: 71.84
Total impulse [Ns]: 208.36
Specific impulse [s]: 93.84