PR-V4 PDM6 - 19/04/2009

Same grain configuration of previous test with depowered igniter.
Not a satisfying test, subsequent tests will be carried on.

Acquisition frequency [Hz]: 240
Propellant: P-1
Propellant Mass [g]: 189.5
Mean density [g/cm^3]: 1.832
Ideal density ratio: 97%
Grain number: 3
Total grain length [mm]: 198
Port grain diameter [mm]: 17.2
Throat diameter [mm]: 8.5
Inhibition: External, final terminated (intergrain faces not inhibited).
Action time (ta) [s]: 0.713
Burn time (tb)[s]: =ta
Maximum thrust [N]: 421.5
Mean thrust (tb)[N]: 312.81
Mean pressure (tb)[bar]: 33.3
Total impulse [Ns]: 224
Specific impulse [s]: 120.4

Environmental data:
Atmospheric pressure [mbar]: 1015
Air temperature [°C]: 17