PR-V4 PDM1 - 26/04/2008

Maiden test of the BPDM. Measurements shows that geomatry factors are responsible of the increasing thrust graph. The purpose of the following tests was to smooth and to flatten that curve.

Propellant: P-1
Propellant Mass [g]: 255.17
Grain length [mm]: 198
Throat diameter [mm]: 8.5
Port grain diameter [mm]: 8
Mean density [g/cm^3]: 1.822
Ideal density ratio: 96.5 %
Inhibition: External, final terminated and intergrain.
Burn time [s]: 1.558
Mean pressure [bar]: 23.22
Mean thrust [N]: 156.95
Maximum thrust [N]: 369.7
Total impulse [Ns]: 244.1
Specific impulse [s]: 97.53

Environmental data:
Atmospheric pressure [mbar]: 1026
Air temperature [°C]: 14